2012 A Year In Review

Another year has come and gone in the life of my small but exciting little design practice and as i sit here pondering what has been & what will come of 2013 in the world of Architecture & the world of Firstangle i can only think that there are exciting times ahead for the business. But first let us take a look back at the work covered in 2012 & the stories within some of those projects. Oh and bare with me as this is the first "Year In Review" i have done so if i waffle i apologise

We began 2012 with some trepidation after a rather large year of travel & construction in my personal life in 2011. It's not every year you build your own home & travel to Europe for 7 weeks whilst it is midway through construction & for me that year was 2011. So thinking back i wondered could 2012 be bigger than 2011 for Firstangle…. The answer was of course yes. In many ways it was less stressful that 2011 but more exciting than 2011.


First there was the just having moved into the new house. Exciting to finally be living in my own home designed by my own hand & created out of my own brain. After many years of creating homes for others i had finally created a home for my family, however that meant the daunting task ahead of me with the back yard. After all it was a pile of dirt & nothing more. So some time was spent over the summer months tidying things up & getting designs ready for what would happen out there. Sadly however things got busy & for some months it remained a dirt pile with a timber retaining wall & a half built brick retaining garden bed. There has been some movement this last month on the garden front & hopefully to close the year out we will have something other than dirt on the ground.. (stay tuned).


Then there was the excitement of the impending birth of my daughter Sadie, A new child to go with a new home seemed like a rather large task at first & i'm open to the fact that at first it was rather scary to think i would have to keep a home, build the back yard, raise two children & run a small design firm all at the same time whilst keeping my head above water. Not an easy task to manage but after some months i came to realise many before me had done this & with less as well & the birth of Sadie made things only more exciting.

As some of you would be aware i also spend some of my spare time (what little i have ) writing craft beer reviews and after some thought amongst all this chaos i decided it would also be wise to start producing and starring in a craft beer tv show with a friend of mine called "Craft Beer Crusaders" with a friend of mine and after many months filming and editing the pilot is now ready. It should be airing on Ch 31 in the new year so keep an eye out for it.


The practice also kicked into a gear i had been hoping it would for some time with a serious focus on sustainable design & finally a client base coming to me wanting sustainable design. The first project we were commissioned to build was the "Beaumaris House" This was an exciting project to be involved in, with clients whom had serious needs to have an efficient & allergy free home designed in a beach side Melbourne suburb known for unique style. The clients gave me a brief & freedom to create & what originally started as a double story eventually evolved into a "Case Study Inspired" design that has been shortlisted for Grand Designs Australia. We wait with bated breath for the final response from the team at GDA hoping it kicks off 2013 with a bang & my first ever project to be filmed for TV. The Beaumaris house begins full construction early in Jan 2013 & will be an exciting project to follow.

Among this wonderful beachside project we were also commissioned to work on various other interesting & unique projects which varied greatly from the MacKenzie Street - Heritage Conversion, through to the smaller but just as interesting Clayton South Project (Still To Be Added To The Site) which is a small rear module attached to an existing home which in essence is a self contained flat for the owners to move into whilst they rent the front 4 bedroom house out to local university students thus reducing the footprint they currently live in whilst using some unique Passive solar design theories & solar heat sync systems as well as other interesting little creations & of course a lot of recycled material.

We finished some exciting projects as well with the Marysville - New Old Style Lolly-Shop finally being completed late in the year as well as the Abottsford Eco Home (Which will be entered for awards in 2013) as well as the Intersection House which through planning presented its own problems in trying to & finally achieving having an entire covered bus stop being moved.

I would love to sit & discuss the many exciting projects we are currently working on but i fear we may be here forever….. So i won't bore you with the details other than to say i intend to use my short break over the new year period to update the website & introduce you to a lot of the projects i have been working on. Needless to say 2013 will be the year of the build with around 10 Firstangle projects starting construction in the first 2 months & around another 10 following later in the year.

Thank you for joining myself & the team for 2012 & i hope my little year in review gave you a bit of an insight into what