2014 where did you go? it seems you came and went so quickly that it's hard to ponder what was achieved in 2014... So much has happened in so little time for my little design practice. Once again the year ahead looks exciting and also daunting, a lot of new frontiers never before faced and a lot of exciting adventures to be had along the coming 12 months. So what has happened to us in the past 12 months... well quite a lot actually, first there was the enrolling in Uni online to study Architecture (A life long dream of mine), there was also the influx of new major projects towards the end of the year and the construction of some of our favourite projects. Of course there were some speed-humps along the way and most of those came in the for of Town Planning... as they always seem to do, but we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and pushed through these dramas and it's always exciting working through design issues and outsmarting Town Planning... but then again that's part of the game of design.


We began 2014 with a bang! straight out of the blocks it was enrolment in Uni time and first up were two drawing classes that needed to somehow fit into the work life and home life balance.... how i achieved that is beyond recollection but it was managed. So for the first time in my life i was at Uni... you can read all about it here Study Period 1 – Architecture (Online Study). Two rather interesting classes and two rather large learning curves for me having spent the better part of two decades doing things my way, However given some time i adjusted to the ways of Uni and quickly began to settle in to the student life. In this time i also put together a few blogs on topics close to my heart “Never Help A Child With A Task At Which He Feels He Can Succeed.” – Maria Montessori. – Designing For Our Future (The New School Project) and also The Loss Of Local Modern Architectural Heritage Through Ignorance the second is something that frustrates me to no end and a topic i have covered on many occasions throughout my studies this year. On the work front the construction of the Wells Road Project was well underway and we were deep into the design phase of The Ong House & South Road Project. While there were many other projects about to come on board others were deep in the planning phase and a some like the Wilson House were in the process of being quoted by builders.


As the months progressed so did the Study with the second study period kicking in there were more exciting classes to be consumed by with even more late nights working away on projects for the assignments which you can read about here Study Period 2 – (Online Study). There was also more movement on the blog front with some more posts like University – Semester 1- Event Horizon Art Installation – When Science Meets Architecture which is a cool blog about one of my assignments that was loosely based on the "Event Horizon" theory and one about the current status of architecture titled Is Architecture Dead – A Question Of Substance... in which i took a few pot shots at the world of architecture. On the work front we were engaged to design the renovation of a lovely Tudor style home in the Toorak area and the end result will be one of beauty once completed, it was about this time of year that i was engaged to begin work on the second major apartment project of my career, A small site in Glen Huntly on which 9 Mid Century modernistic styled apartments will sit, with the design for this project now complete the coming year will be one of negotiations with the Planning Department and hopefully construction of the apartments. The build of the Patterson Road Unit also kicked off and hit full speed whilst planning applications for the Marston Street Development & Murrumbeena Avenue were submitted.

Moving into the second half of the year the study continued with two classes that focused on writing and the end result was a bombardment of blogs based off these class topics for the website, a notable few that were very inspiring for me are — The ‘Open House’ Concept – Discussing The Advantages & DisadvantagesEmphasis On Design – Aesthetics & Function & How Well Do You Know Your Client & Their Brief three varied topics but all important to how my practice works from a design point of view to how it is run. As the year drew towards its inevitable end and into 2015 the phones really began to ring... and i don't jest with that.. they really did ring... and ring... with enquiries of varied forms of projects. The more major ones were the constant enquiries about sites in the local area that might be viable for apartment complexes and ofter a few months of number crunching different sites for different potential clients. The closing out of 2014 has been more of a marathon than a casual jog to the finish line. Needless to say these projects along with the always enjoyable smaller projects will begin to be plastered over the website, Facebook page & twitter page in the coming months for you all to see.

As for Study period 4 of uni... well... it's currently underway amongst all the summer festivities and the extra heavy workload that i have at the moment and is somehow being completed... albeit mostly last minute... and yes i'm still enjoying studying and working deep into the night even after a year of funding the keys until 2am. So to that i say bring on 2015 and bring on a growing business that i hope by years end will have a proper office of sorts and even more amazing major projects to work on.

Thanks for joining me through 2014 and i hope you enjoyed my year in review, there will as always be more articles and project blogs posted as the year moves forward.