Architecture A Sense Of Belonging

Throughout my life I have often stopped, stared and wondered "do I belong", as I’ve grown and as my design skills have grown i have tended to throw that question at the projects I work on and also the places i visit. What do they evoke when I am there or whilst I am designing them. Do the places I visit with my family subconsciously impart design inspiration of projects. As for most of us in this field and for that matter people in general when we visit a place it stays with us in ways we don't realise for many years to come. By that I am talking about those memories from our youth or young adult life that are triggered when we re-visit a place we visited.

These places are generally designed or created in response to evoking a sense of place or a sense of belonging. For me a lot of how i resolve design solutions for clients and even through my study comes from those memories of joy I experienced in my youth, These resolutions are not limited to holidays experience but also daily activities in the home I grew up in & how those activities were affected by the space that was available for our family and it continues into my adult life and my current family home. So not only are things like client brief, site issues, council requirements and material selections an important part of the design process, so are these feelings of safety, security & comfort that the places we visit bring out in us.

In the end it all boils down to "A Sense Of Belonging" for those who will be utilizing the spaces we are designing and the impact that memories of life can and will play in those outcomes and design resolutions we conjure up in our minds. It is for these reasons when designing I do what I can to not be influenced over and above this from outside sources by researching too closely work by other designers/architects, instead I prefer the design journey to follow the path of instant creation from memory based triggers in the project at hand.