Bruno's Art & Sculpture Gallery

Bruno's Art & Sculpture Gallery is an iconic Marysville tourist attraction. Sadly it was lost to us all during 'Black Saturday'. Luckily Bruno managed to save a large volume of his artwork & through his passion & determination we have been able to rebuild his home & gallery.

The home and gallery is an eclectic mix of modern architectural design mixed in with sustainable architecture & recycled materials salvaged from various places & inspired by Bruno's love of the earth & nature. The house contains a tree felled during the fires as a main support post assisting with carrying the roof

load & in the Gallery 4 reclaimed posts from the former Princess Pier support a vaulted roof with Hand Crafted roof trusses which were carefully built by the Building department at Holmesglen Tafe in Melbourne by trainee carpenters. Two additional posts salvaged from the princess pier have been used to support the side entrance to the gallery. The new buildings were built on the original footprint of the previous home but on a much grander scale.

Externally Bruno has rendered the concrete block & blueboard structure by hand & has been hard at work detailing the exterior of the home with his artistic woodwork. Bruno's Gallery has now been re-opened to the public for since November 2011. He is enjoying having people coming through again & sharing his stories. It was an emotional & exciting journey to share with Bruno & viewing the updated Gallery of images you will be able to share the creativity & journey that i was lucky enough to share with Bruno.

Sustainable Components :

  • Recycled timber post salvaged from sculpture garden (felled in the fires).
  • Recycled posts from former Princess Pier used in Gallery.
  • North Orientated Glazing to allow for winter thermal mass Vaulted Ceilings with highlight windows acts as a thermal chimney, naturally removing heat in summer through stack effect and large expanses of windows allowing heat to escape
  • Solar hot water System
  • Compact Flouro down light system installed to reduce electricity use throughout home
  • Rainwater harvested and stored in tanks.
  • Water treated and used in grey water treatment system within the home.
  • High-performance woollen thermal insulation and double glazing.
  • Double Glazed windows throughout
  • Passive heating through north oriented windows
  • Shading from fixed eaves above