Is Architecture Dead

Recently i read an article that attempted to prove the death of Architecture and all it holds true. While the article was well presented and in theory the ideals put forward could be seen as a reasonable explanation of "The Death Of Architecture" had or is occurring it is a concept that as a budding Architect and current Building Designer that i feel i must disagree with. Why? you ask... Well the idea of architecture is to create and to improve what has come before us and while the style of architecture may have stagnated within the modern feel the quality of products and designs being produced has improved greatly over the last 50 years.

Edwin Heathcote recently wrote an article titled "The End Of Architecture", his article related to the 14th edition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture which kicked off on the 7th June and focuses on the thoughts of this years curator Rem Koolhaas. The second paragraph of the article is for me the most telling with Edwin writing "The question is posed through the juxtaposition of cities a century ago – with their distinctive, bustling streets-capes, busy with architectural detail – with shots of contemporary central business districts, the anonymous cityscapes of glass towers and urban freeways that could be Houston or Dubai, La Défense or Doha. The question Koolhaas poses is: How did this happen? How did these diverse cities absorb this idea of modernity in such a homogenous way, how did one type of architecture attain such hegemony?" in essence Koolhaas is suggesting through his curation that the love of modernism by the world of Architecture has bought about its own demise.

While this is in essence a true statement based on the generic looking cities we see before us these days, for me it is also an assumption without basis. Why you ask, well for me the modernity of the world of architecture brought architecture to the masses and allowed all to make use of well designed structures that in this modern era focus heavily on the sustainable aspects of architecture as well as the look of the modernity and all the aesthetic appeals it holds. Yes some has murdered modernity with the generic and insulting way they spread poorly designed residential and commercial versions of it but we need to look past that and deeper into the good that is becoming of the world of modern Architecture now and into the future with more and more making the push for what i term "Sustainable Modernism". it may take some time to regain Architecture and drag it back to where it belongs but it is for me far from dead.

This little blog is my response to the thoughts of Rem Koolhaas and while i may not have his experience or expertise in the world of Architecture i feel my response is a valid one and holds weight in this ever changing world of Architecture. Yes that's right from where i sit Architecture is far from dead in fact it is having a wonderful resurgence and simply needs a guiding hand by those willing to bring it back to where it belongs.