Lines - Drawing & Learning

Lines... where would architecture be without them... well it wouldn't be.. without lines and the ability to sketch them into drawings we would be unable to show our clients or consultants what we were looking to achieve in the design. They are one of if not the most important information tools of architecture in a hand drawn sense. The type of line and how it is used will vary from architect to architect and from what information you are looking to pass on to what party involved in the designing process.

The process of studying thus far has taught me that the way i use and type of pen/pencil/marker i used will and does have an impact on how the sketch i am working on could be interpreted. Whilst i have used lines in a sketch style format for my entire career in the world of building design over a vast 20+ years (yeI started young i promise...) they have mainly been in the form of pencil sketches and drawing board drafts to portray my design concepts to clients. What i hadn't been doing was using markers of various style & colours to the full potential in my working environment. There is no real reason as to why this occurred but simply it looks like an oversight on my part and a comfort in using pencils to portray my concepts.

Studying through this course has allowed me the confidence in my sketching techniques using other methods to grow and allowed me to work in varied sketching methods over and above those my clients were generally seeing. The course has re-invigorated a part of me that has until now laid almost dormant  in the use of markers in a sketch format & i am glad to be back on the bandwagon after what seemed like an eternity of hiding my marker sketches away from the world. It has also assisted me in growing my sketching skills which have improved consistently over this past 6 months of study as i continue to work on varied forms of designs for assignments.

These sketches and designs have a mix of marker & pencil sketching and varied line styles in use as well. I will continue to work on my line drawing and sketching techniques over the remainder of the course and also push more and more of the techniques i learn into the work environment. So for those of you out there worried your sketching or use of lines to convey your ides isn't up to scratch just be reminded that there is no right or wrong way to sketch. We are all different in our abilities and we will all grow in skill at sketching in various ways, so don't be afraid to throw as many concepts on paper as you can when working on uni work or client work because there can never be too many sketches of too many sets of line work to portray your idea. Just make sure you can make out what you're sketching....