The 'new' Old Style Lolly Shop - Marysville


After spending 2 years post Black Saturday re-establishing their business by working out of a shipping container on the site of the former Lolly Shop, the owners decided it was time to begin the rebuilding process. Being mindful of the new council design requirements for the Murchison Street Precinct, we looked to create a sustainable, post & beam, timber-crete building that should sit comfortably within the streetscape whilst providing the desired design aesthetic to our client.

The initial inspiration for this project was to create a building that could give the community some joy & humour by creating a design that it evokes memories of gingerbread houses & gives the impression of being an edible structure. We were able to do this by basing the design loosely on the chalets of Switzerland with the deep pitched roof and large expanses of rustic timber cladding; while the open pier and beam exposed timber and open airy design is drawn from the ancient Japanese haiku houses. This combination provides a visually striking classic design with physical spaciousness, blending with the environment and inviting nature into the building.

The simple cantilevered section of the first floor is carried carried by the offset ridge in the roof line above. The Cantilevered balconies to the front & rear allow for fixed screening to the windows from the hotter weather whilst allowing natural light to filter through. Large expanses of glazing allow sunlight to penetrate deep into the building and the raised vaulted ceilings allow the building to self ventilate. The timber-crete walls remind visitors of a gingerbread house mixed in with the horizontal timber cladding you can begin to see the wonder that is the "New Old Style Marysville Lollyshop" & the gingerbread feel that we were aiming to achieve in the design process.

The Shop internally is now full to the brim of delicious sweets and treats and open again for all to enjoy & soak in the beauty of the solid timber 350 x 350 hardwood posts & exposed timber vaulted ceiling as well as the well detailed steel connection plates scattered through the internal areas.

From the street you can see the offset pitch of the roof & ridgeline which although an engineering nightmare initially really has become a major feature of the lollyshop & the triangular shape to the balconies follows the offset eave above in shape. I must say i am looking forward to sitting out the front of the new lollyshop & sipping on a coffee whilst enjoying some lollies.

Sustainable Components :

  • Appropriate orientation for passive solar gain for natural heating in winter
  • High efficiency tap ware, sanitary fittings & appliances
  • Double glazed Timber Windows Solar hot water and Solar electricity systems
  • Compact fluorescent downlights installed to reduce electricity use throughout home.
  • Rainwater harvested and stored in tanks.
  • Water treated and used in grey water treatment system within the home.
  • High-performance woolen thermal insulation
  • Timber-crete internal & external walls
  • Solar Hot Water & electricity system