455 South - eco apartments


The South Road Apartments project is an environmentally conscious development. The clients came to us with a small site in width & big ideas for what they were hoping to achieve on it. At only 5.7m wide in total width & 33m long the site is tight with multi level apartment units popping up to either side of it & on sites to the rear, initially this would be seen as a concern with site potential but the rapid high density development occurring around the site opens up a variety of design avenues on the project. The biggest issue with the existing developments surrounding the site & the future developments already approved by council is a clear lack of integration by other designers & developers with regards to the main roads & surrounding building. Architecturally they don't seem to address the street as best that they could & they seem to dwarf the surrounding properties with a clear lack of design integration & simple cladding materials selected purely on cost reduction.

With this in mind the brief from the clients was to create an urban development that was as much about the local area & how the building plays into it as it was about them being able to turn a profit. You see the clients come from a new school of development thought process where the end result is not just about the money but also about the impact on the surroundings & how their development is presented to future buyers whom could & would most likely look to buy another apartment at another site developed by my clients. In essence this design is as much about ongoing working & business relationships with all parties from the designer & developer down to the clients & residents as it is about turning a profit.

The added bonus in all of this was that with the aim of designing a development that spoke to the future residents we are able to integrate many eco friendly outcomes within the design & build into the development a more modern way of apartment living for those of us with a busy lifestyle & let's face it we are all much busier these days than we used to be. The current design outcome sees a development that stretches over 6 levels in total with a mix of 1 & 2 bedroom units of varying size, all are comfortable in size & contain large expanses of open kitchen & living areas with green living walls of herbs & vegetables hanging from each of the balconies & a small outdoor balcony bbq area for the residents of each apartment to use during the summer months. Each unit sits at around 80m2 in size with 1 off street parking space to the basement with lift access. Architecturally we are looking to produce an eco friendly development with solar access where possible into the dwellings and the use of recycled materials where possible.

Having held preliminary meetings with council and gone through initial submission there were minor adjustments required to the basement parking setup and a slight tweak required to the heigh of the building. So with the planning submission underway and the initial design being met with a positive response from council we now await the results of public advertising and potential objections to the development before moving along to the construction documentation phase of the development and then onto site to build the biggest project to cross the desk of the team at FirstAngle.

This Project Blog will be updated as the design/planning phase moves along, so check back for regular project updates.