University - Semester 1- Event Horizon Art Installation - When Science Meets Architecture

So as Semsester (study Period 1) is coming to an end... as i sit here late on a Thursday night i am working away on my final assignment for BAS11o Architecture & Interior Architecture Studio. Now this has easily been the more exciting class of the study period compared to the very boring but rather important BAS100 Communication For The Built Environment. This final assignment for BAS110 is to be a performance space... I, however being the annoying student wanting to push the boundaries of the subject or project decided that i wouldn't do what the lecturers termed a "performance space" because when you think about it what is a performance space.... it could be anything & while a majority of the students are off designing stages and other bizarre versions of them (some are quite amazing) i decided i would push the boundaries and in fact go beyond them. What i've come up with for this final assignment is what i've decided to call my "Event Horizon Art Installation".... pretty cool huh! Basically what i've come up with relates to two major tourist attractions (historical sites) that sit within the overall area of my chosen site. Firstly there is the Shrine Of Remembrance (War Memorial) & secondly there is the Melbourne Observatory, both of theses sites hold a deeper meaning to me and it was the reason for the selection. As for the Event Horizon i can hear you all asking one of two questions.. "What is an event horizon" or "how will you create an art installation that represents an event horizon" good questions they are. In order to answer them i must first work through an explanation of concept, basically the idea of my art installation is to show people the history of two major events in our lives that many have no real concept about and take them on a journey from the past into the now then back to the past.

I guess the first premise of the Art Installation is "What is an Event Horizon", in simple terms it is the slowing of space time around the perimeter of a black hole and also the perception that we as humans could bend space and time to create a wormhole (event horizon) that allowed us to move from one point in space to another almost instantaneously and then back again as if we had never left the initial point or at least not left for long... There are theories being thrown around that by being able to do this we could potentially go back in time which is what forms a part of the premise of this assignment and the naming of it as the Event Horizon Art Installation. Now i don't really want to get to technical and veto specific because i'm sure you science buffs will point out the faults in the perceived logic i have shown here in how my art installation came about and to be honest it's just a uni assignment that i've pushed the boundaries on for the sake of art and showing people what can be done when we look deeper into architecture blended into space, time and the past. The end result is an installation that is both architectural and educational on many fronts and is something that i feel is clearly missing from not only the site but the city in which i live.

Through the Shrine line visitors can move from the Great War (For which the Shrine was initially built) through until the wars in which our soldiers are fighting as we sit here reading this blog. The idea will be to take you on a journey of self discovery, of adventure and to teach the youth of today what those in our past went through to give us the freedom in which we currently live. To show the bravery and sacrifices that were made for our country and for all we stand for now. The journey will be upfront and revealing stripping back the glory of war and revealing the emptiness in which soldiers find themselves when in the heat of battle,  it will educate and invigorate those who move through the site as we wander from the Great War through to Afghanistan and when the visitors reach the end of the Shrine Timeline they will exit the site and be greeted with the presence of the Shrine itself thrusting them back to the Great War instantly and to the soldiers whose lives were lost in that major conflict thus completing the Event Horizon of the Shrine Timeline and reinforcing to the youth of today why war is a horrid affair that should be avoided at all costs.

Through the Observatory line visitors will walk through the complete history of space from the big bang through to the now. the journey will take them through the major points in space time of our universe and the events that held major importance to the creation of the earth on which we stand up until the present moment at which they will leave the installation and be met with the Observatory itself through which they will then be able to look back into the depths of space through time into the past towards the big bang thus completing the circle of the Event Horizon in which through the installation you are taken on a journey through space and time from the past into the present then immediately back into the past again. Quite the journey you might say and definitely one in which we need to spend more time learning and understanding our surroundings beyond the planet on which we live. The Observatory Event Horizon aims to show the greater public where we have come from and where we are heading before re-enforcing into us the past that has created what we have. The final result of this path is to implant a sense of being for those who visit the site with an aim of empowering them to work for a better planet for the future that we won't be a part of.

Quite a lot to take in there isn't there.... Hopefully you take from this the idea that we need to look after the planet on which we live on many fronts and also to respect and understand the history of our country and those who gave their lives for us. The installation is aimed at provoking thoughts and arguments on space and all the theories that surround it and also educate those who aren't aware of the two attractions of education that sit within the city in which we leave that are vastly overlooked for sporting events or computer games on our tv screens at home. I hope you enjoy the installation i have created and everything contained within it.

Note: Images posted are not complete finalised work. These images will be updated once my final submission is completed.