It's Not Easy Being Green - Just Ask Kermit The Frog

This blog will be focusing on a new Green Building initiative in Australia that is slowly making it's way. currently a growing trend around the world, the idea of having a green roof is slowly catching on. Even one of my own clients has finally given in & allowed me to put a green roof on their new building in Marysville.


So what is a green roof, well a Green roof is a partially or completely covered roof containing a growing medium and vegetation, They are positioned over a waterproofing membrane and have been known to include water retention, drainage and irrigation systems.

There are currently two forms of Green Roofing available in Australia, these are intensive & extensive, the difference being as follows

Intensive Roof Gardens : Contain over 300mm of plant growth & contain a wide variety of shrubs, grass & tree species. they are also more park-like with easy access and may include kitchen herbs.

Extensive Roof Gardens : Contain less than 300mm of growing media with harsher growing conditions & minimal irrigation with hardy, low growing plant and ground cover species. These roof Gardens can handle slopes up to 30%. Extensive roofs are usually only accessed for maintenance.


The Benefits Of Green Roof's:

  • Reduce heating (by adding mass and thermal resistance value)
  • Reduce cooling (by evaporative cooling) loads on a building by fifty to ninety percent especially if it is glassed in so as to act as a terrarium and passive solar heat reservoir — a concentration of green roofs in an urban area can even reduce the city's average temperatures during the summer.
  • Reduce stormwater run off
  • Natural Habitat Creation
  • Filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air which helps lower disease rates such as asthma
  • Filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater
  • Help to insulate a building for sound; the soil helps to block lower frequencies and the plants block higher frequencies
  • Increase agricultural space

So now that you know a bit more about these wonderful creations & the benefits they provide, why not look at one for either your current home or perhaps your next project. Note: Information was gathered from Wikipedia & Green Roof Technologies