Semester One - Architecture


Studying Architecture online whilst running a business certainly has its challenges, however that aside the learnings undertaken to this point have been invaluable to not only my own understanding of Architecture but also to the projects i am currently working on at First_Angle. With the first study period behind me the results are now in for the first two classes of my online study and they are positive ones. The two classes studied this study period were BAS100 - Communication for the Built Environment & BAS110 - Architecture and Interior Architecture Studio. Both very complex classes in vastly different ways.


Bas100 was all about the written responses and theories of architecture and my thoughts on architecture. There were many "Reflective Journals" to complete and an essay on a topic of choice to complete amongst a few group assignments (which were almost impossible tasks to complete with a majority of the students in the groups not participating so i won't go into them). That aside and regardless of the struggles i had with the written component i will say i rather enjoyed the challenges of assessing my own thoughts on the current trends in architecture within my local municipality. My topic of choice for the essay was The Loss Of Modernism which for those who have read my earlier blog on "The Loss Of Modernism" will understand it is something i hold dear. Writing a blog about my own thoughts on the topic is one thing, translating that into a correctly written a grammatically correct essay was a completely different challenge i had not experienced since high school (going on 18 years since my last essay was written). It had its challenges and with some upfront thinking and assistance from the lecturers i managed to get myself through it with a decent mark of 16 out of 20, in my eyes that's a win and a sure sign that my ability to write in a more formal manner is growing through my study. Passing this first written class was a big thing for me, it was actually the one class i was worried i would need to repeat and i really didn't want to do that so to get through it unscathed is a great thing and being a glutton for punishment and with my renewed enthusiasm for writing i've taken on a second writing class for study period 2, to that i say "Bring on the Challenges".


Bas110 ... now there's a class i enjoyed, why you ask. Well it was all about design and drawing which is where i excel in this industry. Sketching and creating ideas are what i love the most about Architecture so this one was one subject i threw myself into head first. The first of the three main assignments was used to re-invigorate myself with sketching and drawing in general with a mix of drawing styles, drawing utensils & papers to create 5 differing works to present our thoughts on drawing. The last two assignments were more interesting for me and the site selection was simple in the end for me. I already knew where i wanted my projects to head based on the notes of the project. As those who know me know i have a passion for all things War History & Science (Space) so selecting the site was quite simple. I ventured to one of my favourite Melbourne places, The Shrine Of Remembrance & Melbourne Observatory site which is separated by a two way road with a basic pedestrian crossing. My concepts were sound and although initially having the site discouraged by the lecturers they eventually came to understand the theories behind my site selection through the use of sketch design briefs for each assignment. Having the ability to sketch i feel helped me greatly in this class as it allowed me to portray the ideas i was working through in a simple and effective manner that made it easy for those following my project to understand what the big picture of what i was looking to achieve was all about. The two assignments i worked on for this site were in a way similar but vastly different, while they both looked at educating the visitor on the site itself the two projects managed to do so in vastly different ways.


Assignment 2B was all about creating a "Stopping Place" or "Place Of Rest". The concept of the place of rest was to make a connection between the Shrine & Observatory by placing the existing road underneath a WW2 Pill Box styled rest stop that could be used by all parties venturing through the site as an area to sit and relax, be educated further on the Shrine & the Observatory and to allow a safe connection between the two spaces within the site. On top of the Stop is a grassed roof top garden filled with poppies and seating that allows the user to lay back and look skyward at night. The pill box itself is a darkened area that takes you on a journey between the two locations and act as as a reminder of the dark and often scary thoughts that soldiers faced throughout the wars.

Assignment 2C is where i took things a bit further into the world  of the unknown. This assignment was all about creating a "Performance Space" or "Art Installation" that could act as a performance space. When you think about it what is a performance space.... it could be anything and the Event Horizon Art Installation is just that. When working on the initial brief for this assignment I decided I would push the boundaries and in fact go beyond them. What I've come up with is my "Event Horizon Art Installation".... Basically what it relates to two major tourist attractions (historical sites) that sit within the overall area of my chosen site. Firstly there is the Shrine Of Remembrance (War Memorial) & secondly there is the Melbourne Observatory, both of theses sites hold a deeper meaning to me and it was the reason for the selection. As for the Event Horizon I can hear you all asking one of two questions.. "What is an event horizon" or "how will you create an art installation that represents an event horizon" good questions they are and in order to answer them I must first work through an explanation of concept, The idea of my art installation is to show people the history of two major events in our lives that many have no real concept about and take them on a journey from the past into the now then back to the past. The premise of the Art Installation works around the theory of an event horizon on both paths of the installation. So "What is an Event Horizon", in simple terms it is the slowing of space time around the perimeter of a black hole and also the perception that we as humans could bend space and time to create a wormhole (event horizon) that allowed us to move from one point in space to another almost instantaneously and then back again as if we had never left the initial point or at least not left for long... The end result is an installation that is both architectural and educational on many fronts and is something that I feel is clearly missing from not only the site but the city in which I live.

So there you have it. I quick rundown on the first two classes of many to come in my quest to become an Architect. There is still a long road ahead and many assignments to be completed along the way. As of this moment i am battling through two new classes and working very hard on the assignments within each of these classes.