Treloar House - Bonbeach House

A clients passion for mid century architecture in particular that of Richard Neutra and a designers desire to bring back the classic, clean, crisp lines of the mid century era are coming together on this new project in Bonbeach. With the initial sketch already presented and a positive reaction to the presentation of the first conceptual ideas the design of the Bonbeach house is moving along well. inspiration from the clients came in the form of a recent trip to the west coast of America and to the mecca of mid century architecture Palm Springs. The site itself contains a home with no discerning or redeemable features and is past the point of renovation, the design of the existing residence leaves little to be desired from a layout and orientation perspective thus the desire of the clients to remove it and replace it with something more becoming of the area and site itself.

The concept behind the replacement home is one that has been around for some time and in particular through the glory days of the mid century modern movement of architecture around the world and in particular Australia and America, the "courtyard" design or "zoned living" draws the home outside in ways generic site responses in todays era of architecture fail to do so. It wraps itself around the boundaries of the site allowing both living and sleeping zones to open up onto a central outdoor space that the entire family can share. The home is to consist of 4 main bedrooms with the master set to be positioned on the first floor with a roof top balcony overlooking the internal courtyard and pool. With a need for an artist retreat and a separate multipurpose zone as well as a detached living zone away from the sleeping zone the end result is a home that creates an open yet private feel for each zone of the layout.

The land falls slightly towards the back and with steps leading up into the entry the home has a feeling of added openness as you move through from entry to alfresco with the floor stepping as you step from zone to zone. large expanses of glass create a separation from the living and sleeping areas with steel posts carrying the weight of the roof above and bringing a sense of grounding to the design. the facade carries a mix of stack bond block work, vertical stained timber cladding, commercial aluminium double glazed window units as well as the use of matt finish alucabond cladding to a reduced fascia that will hide a bitumen roof. With lines blurring between vertical and horizontal the feel of the home is distinctly mid century and is looking to become one of the more exciting projects we've worked on over the years.

In the coming months as we progress from design to construction additional sketches will be created and 3D models produced to ensure the end result is something the clients and the team here can be proud of. So be sure to follow us on this new adventure and keep an eye out for the 3D models which will give a much more exciting idea of the vision we are looking to create with this home.