Wilson House - Chadstone


It's not every day that a client comes along who has exactly the same thought process on the design outcome of the home they want. Usually there are similarities; after all that is why a client will select you as the designer of their home, because they have a feeling that you get them & you understand what they are trying to achieve.. After all it is the biggest financial investment most people are going to make in their lives so as the home owner you want everything to be right & everything to be the way you always wanted it. On this such occasion i was greeted with the sort of clients most Architects/Designers only dream of. The sort of clients who know what they want & who know what style they are after.

The "Bullarto Street Project" in theory takes all the design components of a typical CSH (Case Study House) & puts them into practice using modern building techniques & modern sustainable design principles & high efficiency materials. What might seem like a bit of an illogical theory to some is to me the way forward in sustainable high end architecture for those of us without the financial means of having it otherwise. It is a blend of common-sense design practices from over 50 years ago blended with cost effective sustainable design principles of the modern world & the result is the "Bullarto Street Project". A modern twist on an old favourite.

The project site faces east/west with the courtyard side of the home to face north. A well located block with the fall of land leaning significantly towards the north & the rear of the block facing direct west. The block location has the design off to an unusually good start, it's not often you get a block that suits every aspect of the design you are proposing to put on it & i'm not going to be one to complain either. From here it was a fairly straightforward design layout which has over a short period of time with discussion shifted & tweaked into the current layout. The master sits to the north of the block with the en-suite & robe whilst the entry is fairly centralised with the garage being positioned to the southern side of the property. From there you move into a central living area with floor to ceiling glazing that opens the home onto the northern patio/pool area & directly in front sitting below the open tread timber stairs sits a very modern interpretation of the old fireplace.

Moving through the living area towards the feature fireplace/staircase you are greeted with a meeting point of sorts. From the stairs you can either enter directly into the dining room & then out onto the alfresco area which sits towards the Northern boundary protecting the main meals area from any direct & unwanted sunlight or left into the kitchen area which has been specifically positioned on the south west corner with minimal openings to prevent western summer sun from penetrating into the home. Also scattered along the southern wall between the Kitchen & Garage is a small store room accessed from the southern elevation, a laundry leading to a southern courtyard & the powder room for guests to use when visiting. The theory behind this is that having the less utilised areas (service areas) to the southern portion of the boundary & limited western & eastern glazing we can increase the performance of the home considerably.

In fact by having deepened eaves on the northern portion of floor to ceiling glazing i believe the home will require very little if any cooling during summer & limited heating requirements throughout the winter months. with the added bonuses of some reverse brick veneer sections which will aid with thermal mass for winter heating purposes & double glazed high performance glazing this home will become fairly self sufficient in its day to day running. These simple additions to the common-sense design principles of the Case Study House program give this & any home designed with the same theory a high performance & cost effective design/construction outcome enabling clients to spend money where they need it with the finer architectural details within the home.

Since the original post was written The Bullarto Street Project has come a long way with some re-design required to the rear portion of the home a builder now looks like being appointed with an anticipated site start set for April 2015. We will continue to bring you updates on this project throughout its construction and hope you enjoy the journey of the build as much as the clients will.